Got no date on a special day? No problem! Date your momma on a valentine’s day! Last February 14, ’15 my mother and I went to visit Taal Volcano. So yeah, it was our valentine’s celebration. Lol. Taal is the second most active volcano in the Philppines and it was my mom’s dream to travel there ever since.


Hmm. I’ve read several blogs about getting in taal and finds it all confusing. I even got ourselves the wrong bus when we went there. So for the most convenient direction, I can give you this.

Ride a bus in Buendia-Pasay that routes to Tanauan Batangas then tell the conductor to drop you at Tanauan. Regular fare is 83php and for students’ discount (Make sure to bring your ID’s) it will only cost you 66php. From Tanauan you can either hire a tricycle (150-180php) or ride a jeepney bound to Talisay. Ask the driver to drop you in front of Talisay Municipal Hall. From there you can just walk to the boat rentals.


Boat rentals will cost you 1500php good for 6pax! In our case it’s a little expensive since it’s only me and mom and joint group is not allowed. Bohoo. So it’s better to go there as a  group.


The guide with my mom riding a horse.

For the elders I would recommend you to rent a horse heading to the crater. A roundtrip horseback riding is 500php plus another 500php for the guide. Oh my gosh, I know right! I am always on a budget trip and my real plan was to just hike along taal and just let my mom rent a horse but my tour guide said it will be a 3hrs trek and insisted to mom to rent two horses for us. I am almost close in getting pissed because it had cost us 3000php already. Yeah, the boat rental plus the horseback riding & guide fees and the 50php entrance fee per person and another 50php for the boat fee.


Going on I decided to build a wall and just get over it so I could enjoy this trip and seeing scenery like this made my good vibe back.



A picture of a happy mother who achieved one of her travel dreams. To visit Taal.

Oh! Also, don’t forget to bring a face mask to keep the dusk off your face or a handkerchief will do just like what my mom wearing. After 30 minutes of horseback riding we have reached the crater of taal!


Taal volcano is one of the most attractive view in the Philippines and has 33 historic eruptions!




Mom with another horsy!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.32.04 PM

Excuse my ducky face lol


We stayed for 15-20 mins appreciating Taal.

I had to adjust the brightness of these pictures because Mr. Sun is a little shy that day and I couldn’t take a good shot since I’m only using my phone. Lol. Even though, we were still able to enjoy the view. Taal Volcano is one of the most relaxing and convenient location from manila if you want a little adventure with your friends, family or love ones. Viewed from tagaytay ridge, growing up I even thought it’s was located in tagaytay.

Going up the crater is not hard or challenging so I would encourage you to just walk or even running will do, for a more enjoyable and less expensive trail!

Right after our taal adventure our stomach started to make noise so we rent a tricycle (300php) that gets us to Pamana Restaurant in Tagaytay.


loc: 1315 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay





I’ve known this because a lot of my friends were recommending it to me for so long. It has a fabulous local food service and the very accommodating and friendly staff were plain awesome.


Pamana is one of Tagaytay’s well known restaurants that has a good and big servings of filipino cuisine and a has very nice ambiance. When you talk about being affordable it’s still relative but it’s not bad to spoil yourself sometimes in foods! It was worth it anyway. There were also musicians playing when we arrived, that adds a relaxing vibes to the customers. Really nice!


Bulalo at it’s finest! Around 500php

Bulalo is one of Tagaytay’s pride! So don’t you ever leave tagaytay without ordering their specialty, bulalo! Pamana is probably one of the great choices, actually, of getting your bulalo.


Adobo Rice of World Topps! 175php

And their Adobo Rice of World Topps is delicious! It’s my mother’s favourite already!


Kare-Kare: It’s around 300-350php

Kare-kare is my life long favourite but I have to admit, Pamana’s version is a little off for my taste, so far it was the poorest version I’ve ever tasted. I was so disappointed.


You have the option to eat outside or indoors. Cold weather plus a hot good soup is great!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.42.49 PM

This is a real food trip! My overall evaluation to this restaurant is excellent! I wish we could try more and might as well will be back for sure.

After our extremely good lunch in Pamana I was saddened when mom decided to go back to manila. In my plan list we were supposed to go straight to People’s park, Puzzle Mansion, Picnic grove and Sonia’s Garden. Mom is really old.  😭

Anyway, I am still thankful I had the chance to get our little adventure on a very short time plus my mom is really happy visiting Taal. This travel inspires me to work hard after graduation so I can buy our own car and mom won’t get tired in commuting anymore! Lol.

So what are you waiting for? Travel up!!! Ingat mga biyahero!


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