Many people are too afraid of travelling solo. They have a lot of “maybes” and we all know that “Maybe” will always be a “What if”. Since I vented out my frustrations on travels I have to admit that I also went to that stage where I found myself wasting a lot of time thinking about it over and over again, struggling a lot until I finally get to set aside those “maybes”. I never had a second thoughts instead I had tons of thoughts before I finally made it.

It could be really scary and risky but sometimes you just have be brave, trust your instincts and be smart. Yes! Your instinct and be smart because travelling alone can only be scary when you act like bozo. You can have all the fun you want but never ever fool around when travelling, solo or not. Oh! Travelling alone and travelling with a group is both a fun thing to do but there will be times that people won’t be there for you or might have conflicts to accompany you in your travel but it should not hinder you from exploring places far from your comfort zone.

I actually like doing solo trips! (But don’t get me wrong I would love to travel with my friends as well. I am just patiently waiting and if time permits for all of us to travel in one place I would be really really be happy!) So going back with why I also like travelling alone, well it is because you really never travel alone… Lol. Eventually you will meet a lot of people, mostly the good ones. Of course your adventure wouldn’t be complete if you won’t allow your self to meet or even just have a little chat with a stranger. Just be careful in giving informations! Trust me it’ll be fun. And when you get to share a good laugh and experience with them the feeling is so exhilarating at the same time you’ll get to appreciate yourself, the environment and learn something from other people as well. You have to let yourself live and be able to see that there is a lot more to life than your fears and worries.

Here are the screen shots of two of some of my funniest convo with people I met in my travels.

Batad-Banaue adventure!


When in Intramuros, Manila.

Always remember it is not about the readiness too, it is about the willingness and always remember this…


Photo credits to the owner!

Did this make you smile? Then what are you waiting for? Travel up and to hell with maybes! Go and chase your dreams of wanderlust.

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